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Powerslim Strategy

What if your goal is not to make people lose weight, but to make people feel beautiful.

Question: We want to become market leader in coach driven weight loss programs.
At this point every player in the market has the same visuals, the same tone and the same message. Lose weight fast. We really feel we have something unique to offer, something for the long term. How can we get this across to our audience and what do we have to change in our approach to become relevant.
Solution: To be seen as more then a lose weight fast player, you have to change your mindset. It means you have to become a relevant long term supporter for your audience. So instead of pushing products short term you show what really makes the difference and that is a coach that guides you and motivates you and helps you to become happy with yourself. And as a benefit you’ll lose a weight in the process, fast and lasting. So it was time to create a new online approach.

Trust comes from personal attention, and trust leads to results.

Insights: You want your audience to realize, that losing weight is only a small step. Keeping the weight off because you can create a sense of confidence in their own beauty and self worth is the real goal here. This is what will create lasting results and happy clients. This means that both Powerslim and it’s coaches needed to shift the focus of their business.
Using the insights: To make any strategy work you need to make sure that everyone is involved. The strategy needs to incorporate how you will approach your audience and what you can and will do to help them. But it also involves creating a branded B2B service portal for your coaches. Your coaches are the ones making the difference for your audience. they will be selling the products and will be boosting your brand. So whatever you do online needs to help the coaches create a positive impact on your audience. To make this possible we created a strategic document where we researched and defined the different audiences. To give the coaches what they needed, a consistent tone of voice was defined. Different formats for newsletters
banners, ads, blog posts and such where created ready to download and customize.
Online training was available how to talk to clients, how to blog, how to advertise online and how to add value for the clients.
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Eelko Lommers
Eelko Lommers, Strategy director of Hello

We put 400 local entrepreneurs in the spotlight, uniting them under one positive mindset.

By putting the focus on the local coaches and their importance, you help them improve their business while improving your performance as a company. Something your audience benefits from. By providing your coaches with toolkits, the best service and a solid strategy you help them to help your audience in the best possible way.
Your audience feels closer to a local familiar face in this context then a bigger brand, and now you have trained and equipped that local face to help your audience achieve their goals, growing your business at the same time.
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Eelko Lommers

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