Studysteps math world heroes

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Studysteps math world heroes

You can find math anywhere in life, how can we get kids excited for math in general and show them that our playful math platform can help them learn math.

Question: We want more prescribers for our online math tutor. We know that we first have to create something that will appeal to them in order to get their attention, but we want them to learn that math does not have to be boring and tedious. Math can be fun and our playful platform can prove that.
Solution: To really make kids understand how awesome math can be, you use the power of play. With a gamified platform that triggers kids to use social media to solve questions which will lead to them defeating the math villain at the end of the game.
We used youth test panels to test the questions, characters, gameplay and tone of voice of the game.

To optimize the game, you have to make the players want to win it.

Insights: Playing is only fun if it is challenging enough. The fine line between too hard and too easy is thin. In playfull terms it is called gameflow and it is important to
keep them interested throughout the game. We wanted to extend the reach by using social media, but this age group is using social media differently. They are not easy to convince in sharing something and they will normally only socialize on more closed social channels like Snapchat, Whatsapp and Instagram. So if we wanted to get them to include their friends in the game we had to make it worth their while.
Using the insights: We chose a mobile first approach, but research during the game
gave us insights that the desktop user group was larger then expected which led us to adjust the desktop version during the remaining rounds making sure that we had
the best possible experience on all platforms. We created group challenges where their friends could help them to win cool stuff. We wanted the social interactions to be challenges. To have them play with but also against each other.
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Eelko Lommers
Chantal Aarts on this project

We approached the target group in a way that was new to Sanoma.

By using gameplay in a more substantial way then just a register and win activation, we where able to get to know more about the target group and test different channels and promotional tools. This led to great insights of the target group we wanted to reach. The game itself was received very positively by both players and by the publishing industry which indicates that we are on a good track. It is very hard to reach the audience and we have given our client great insights on what the target audience likes and what motivates them.
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Eelko Lommers

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