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Our story

Are we living in the age of information? Or has technology pushed us beyond the point of mere information? We like to think that these times we live in, will be seen in a decade as the time where the world as we knew it changed forever. If we look at how we behave and live now compared to 10 or even 1 year ago it is a difference of epic proportions. Today, we know more about ourselves and the world around us then ever before. This world is connected, we are connected.

Connection moves people, it divides or unites them, excites them, educates them or even helps to solve some of the biggest and most urgent problems the world is facing. The connected world might very well be the best thing that has happened to us in a long, long time.

In this connected world data is the currency. Visual data, social data or even emotional data. People are constantly occupied with data, it is what gives meaning to their lives and it is the foundation of what makes up communities. Data is not just numbers and figures, it is tangible and contains the stories, hopes and dreams of every individual. Data allows you to understand who is out there.

But with the overabundance of all this big data out there, it doesn't take much for companies or brands to be overwhelmed or even get lost in translation. You realize that to be able to create a connection with your target audience you need to find the insights that matter. You need to turn big data into small data, data that matters.

We are Hello and we believe that when you turn big data into small personal data it will lead to insights that can help you to truly connect with your target audience. We make data personal and relevant so we can find out what makes you target audience tick. By prototyping, measuring, activating, campaigning and testing we create meaningful and engaging digital user experiences. This way we create a measurable and positive impact on the world.

So say Hello, and let us help you to make your target audience as passionate about your brand as you are.

Our clients

These are the clients we proudly work for every day